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My name is Alex Black.

I am a Teacher in an International School in Zürich where I have taught for 28 years as well as three years in a Swiss gymnasium bilingual programme.

I am passionate about how technology can help education in developing countries. That is why half of all the money from sales is used to support students from the Shree Mangal Dvip school in Nepal.

Immerse yourself in Biology

Standard and Higher Level text and workbook

School package 500 US dollars
All of the Units below $10
Statistical Analysis $2
Statistical Analysis Android app USD 1
Cells $2
Chemistry of Life $2
Genetics $2
Ecology and Evolution $2
Human Health and Physiology $2
All of the Higher Level units below $10

  Nucleic Acids and Proteins $2
Cell respiration and Photosysnthesis $2
Plant science $2
Genetics $2
Human Health and Physiology $2
Moodle support
I administered, (with all the server side technical linux configuration issues) a moodle server for 4 years for my school and for my own website for 6 years. I have a wealth of experience in organising staff training and content development. Presently I am developing some of the various tools in Moodle to help with common school curriculum administration.